Antonïl Naïlo

A misguided (and medicated) but well-meaning elven necromancer


Str 16 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 18 Wis 9 Cha 9

Neutral Good

12 HP, AC 12 (16 w/ mage armour, 12 touch, 10/14 flat-footed)

Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2

Skills: Concentration +7 Craft(Alchemy) +9 Decipher Script +9 Knowledge (Arcana) +9 Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering) +9 Listen +3 Search +6 Spellcraft +9 Spot +3 (-1 for hairstyle)

Antonïl’s super-special brew confers +2 str, -2 int. Not sure of the Fort save DC.

Wields a dagger, and is a specialist necromancer (barred schools enchantment [!] and abjuration [!!])


Antonïl Naïlo was found working for a deranged necromancer deep in a cave deep in Elven territory, rather deformed and somewhat cracked from the strain of working with and around death for so long. He’s taken a lot of abuse in his life, and has had to do a lot of menial labour, but has been keenly and superbly educated.

The necromancer had surgically corrected numerous deformities, including a stooped, hunched back and other musculoskeletal issues. Antonïl presently retains polydactyly in both hands – six fingers on his right, seven (two fused) on his left – and has a wandering right eye, swollen and puffy from some chronic ailment (or perhaps a bone deformity). His additional fingers provide both boon and complication to his spellcasting; most of his peers, after all, have five fingers per hand. He also has a stripe of vitiligo across his scalp, sharply contrasting his otherwise black hair.

The elven community sees Antonïl as well-meaning, if misguided, in his approach to helping others. He unabashedly attempts to raise the dead – as they, so often, die prematurely – and is not afraid to animate corpses in endeavouring to secure the world.

Antonïl is also a curiosity among the elven population in that he brews his own hard liquor. He keeps a mini-still and other brewing apparati on his person (separate from his spellbooks, in case of a leak) and often pickles his own cocktail vegetables. He is particularly fond of dry martinis, and will often mix one as an awkward gesture of friendship. Often, he punctuates a dramatic sentence by eating the olive from his drink.

Antonïl has a voice very similar to Vincent Price or some similarly spooky type. When in situations of extreme stress, he unconsciously hunches his back and speaks in a shriller, oddly-accented voice not his norm (think Igor, or Renfield).

He is a vegetarian.

Antonïl Naïlo

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